Governance Services

Enterprise Risk Management
Organizations face multiple risks to their objectives and goals. Enterprise Risk Management helps an organization identify, measure, rank, mitigate, and monitor those risks. Compass works with your organization to provide key decision makers with a view of your overall risk profile. Our framework addresses all major risk types including external (economic, competition, regulatory, etc.) and internal (strategic, operational, compliance, technological, process, etc.). Our services include:

  • ERM Policy Development
  • Risk Framework
  • Risk Workshop Facilitation
  • Risk Management Strategy Documentation
  • Remediation Assistance

Policy and Procedure Development
Policy and Procedure is core to any companies’ knowledge management system. They prevent loss of critical process information, enhance training of employees, and support continuous improvement initiatives. Compass can assist with:

  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Desk Procedures
  • Process Mapping
  • Business Continuity Plan

Ethics Program and Administration
An ethics program supports overall corporate governance and sets the moral compass for your organization. It identifies the boundaries of legal and ethical behavior and establishes a system to alert management when a boundary is going to be crossed. Setting a culture of integrity and trust is key not only to meeting business objectives, but to setting the tone with employees and vendors and letting customers know your operations are upstanding and reliable. Services include:

  • Ethics/Code of Conduct Development
  • Compliance Statement Administration
  • Hotline Implementation Management
  • Investigation Services
  • Ethics Training

Other Governance Services

  • Governance Audits

Financial Control Assessment Services

Management of any organization is responsible for establishing and maintaining effective internal control and financial management systems. Some organizations are required to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Office of Management and Budget (OMB), or other regulatory requirements.  Other companies choose to implement best practices related to governance and financial control documentation or have external auditors identify deficiencies in their control structures.

Compass provides comprehensive financial control assessment services using a four step process:

  1. Account Risk Assessment/Identification of Key Processes
    Identify Significant Financial Reports
    b. Account Risk Assessment – each major financial account is assigned a rank based on a variety of risk factors such as dollar value, transaction volume, fraud potential, etc.
    c. Major Transaction Cycles identified
  1. Entity Level Control Documentation
    Entity level controls have a pervasive impact on an organization
  • Control environment
  • Objectives/Risk Assessment
  • General Entity Wide Controls
  • Information and Communication
  • Monitoring Activities
  1. Internal Control Assessment
    Narratives and flowcharts are used to document processes and identify key controls.  This includes review of procedures, roles and responsibilities, and system controls.  Key controls will be tested on a sample basis to identify and control weaknesses.
  1. Remediation
    Compass works with the client to develop corrective action plans to remediate any control weaknesses identified and can provide assistance with remediation if requested.

A written report will be prepared for senior management and/or oversight Board to provide assurance on overall financial control effectiveness. After the first year assessment, Compass can update documentation and test controls annually. This information and testing can be relied on by external auditors and reduce their fees.

Audit Services

A strong internal audit function is critical to assure stakeholders that the business has robust internal controls; complies with laws, regulations and policies; and employs effective risk management practices. The Compass team has over 30 years’ experience in auditing and – whether you have an internal staff, co-source, or outsource – we can help you meet your goals.


  • Financial Control Assessments
  • Operational Process Audits
  • Internal Control Assessments
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Fraud Assessments and Investigations
  • Contract Audits
  • Vendor Audits
  • System Implementation Control Evaluations
  • IT General Controls Audits
  • Governance Audits
  • Audit Committee Support
  • Due Diligence Reviews

In-House Department Assistance

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  • Audit Universe and Plan Development
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Audit Program Development
  • Quality Assessments

Department Set-up

  • Charter Development
  • Audit Risk Assessment
  • Audit Plan Creation
  • Auditor Selection and Training

Expanded Services

  • Inventory Process Audit or Validation
  • GAIN Benchmarking Assistance
  • Audit Training

Compass can provide independent assessments for your organization. We build relationships with your internal team, Audit Committee and regulators to provide quality, cost effective, and value driven results.

Chief Financial Officer Services

Compass provides financial guidance to small and midsized companies. We are here to help you better understand and monitor your finances so that you can make sound, confident, and informed decisions to successfully strengthen your company’s financial position.  From payroll, to daily accounting transactions, to financial reporting and budgeting, Compass’ strategic consulting will help position your company for the best future possible.

Our team helps Business Owners reach their business and financial goals by providing the following:

  • Accounting & Payroll Services
  • Financial Reporting & Analysis
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Development
  • M&A preparation and integration
  • Controllership
  • Technical Accounting Services
  • Budget and Forecasting
  • Risk Management (Internal Audit, SOX, External Audit preparation)

Compass can provide an affordable service package specific to your organization’s needs. We build relationships with your internal team, executives and decision makers to provide quality, cost effective, and value driven results.


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Compliance Services

With the enforcement of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (SPII), regulations on companies that provide 3rd party services to lenders, it is critical that repossession companies implement policy and procedures quickly. Financial institutions are actively assessing and auditing firm’s processes – Are You Ready?

Compass Consulting LLC can help your business develop a compliance program including policy and procedures and self-assessments.  Sam Baker with Baker Recovery in Tulsa, OK recently said:

We can’t express loud enough or cheer loud enough for Compass!  The document that was created for Baker Recovery is invaluable, it hits the mark in every area of our business.  It has helped us navigate through the process of responding to our clients.  Our clients love the fact that we adhere to the business standards in the market.  Compass is one of the best things we did for our business.  We are glad they are on our team and always ready to make changes when needed.”

Repossession firms can select from the following packages:

  1. Standard Policy and Procedure Manual

Compass will provide your company a set of standard policy and procedures related to compliance requirements.  Procedures will include basic customization based on conference call discussions.

  1. Customized Policy and Procedure Manual

Compass will perform necessary interviews and process analysis to fully customize a set of policy and procedures for your firm. This will include a two day on-site visit to finalize your procedure manual.

*Both packages include a minimal annual fee to ensure your procedures remain up-to-date for industry and regulatory changes.

Additional Options:

  • Internal compliance audit Compass will perform a 2-day on-site compliance audit to ensure your personnel and contractors are following the current processes in place. A compliance report will be issued identifying areas for improvement.
  • Training can be provided at a reasonable hourly rate. Compass will come onsite to train your personnel on the new procedures and compliance requirements.
  • Additional policies can be created for a reasonable hourly rate.
  • Vendor credentialing services provided for a reasonable rate.

Compass Consulting LLC would like to partner with you to protect your company’s business, deliver a cost effective solution, and help you navigate risk associated with CFPB compliance.  Our procedure manuals will include:

  • Corporate Governance (information privacy, customer/vendor screening, complaint procedures, etc.)
  • Human Resource procedures (hiring, background checks, standards of conduct, etc.)
  • Information security procedures (access, data security, backup, encryption, etc.)
  • Operational procedures (facilities security and other operational compliance processes)

Our clients continue to pass ALL audits by Chase, Wells Fargo, Ford, PRA, and Ally.  Contact us today!

Hospitality and Gaming Services

Compass offers a variety of services to help hospitality and gaming enterprises maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations and ensure compliance with tribal, industry, and federal regulations. The Compass team has years of gaming industry experience and can help evaluate and streamline your processes:

Regulatory Compliance

  • MICS compliance
  • Title 31 Testing
  • Title 31 and Suspicious Activity Training
  • Tip Agreement Assistance


  • Gaming Accounting/Revenue Audit Process Mapping
  • Account Reconciliation Assistance
  • Financial Control Assessments

Gaming, Hotel, Retail and Food & Beverage Operations

  • Operational Control Assessments
  • Process Mapping and Re-engineering
  • Operational Machine Testing
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Tip Compliance Assessments

Fraud Detection and Prevention

  • Internal Control Assessments
  • Fraud Assessments
  • Cashier Audits
  • Investigation Services
  • Trend Analysis and Monitoring Processes

Expanded Services

  • Construction Contract/Vendor Audits
  • System Implementation and Control Evaluation Projects
  • Surveillance Coverage Reviews
  • Environmental and Health Standard Assessments
  • Casino Opening Assistance
  • System and Physical Access Reviews
  • Hospitality Enterprise Risk Management Facilitation
  • Ethics Program Administration

Security Clearance Services

The security clearance process and regulations are complicated and tedious. Delays obtaining a security clearance may keep you or your company from being able to work for the government or a defense contractor.  Significant delays could even mean the loss of a contract.  Your facility security officer may help, but remember YOU are ultimately responsible for the information submitted.  If you have any reservations or are unclear about the process, you should consider getting assistance.

Your company could require a facility clearance; employees could require a personnel security clearance; or both. Compass helps navigate this process and provides services in the following areas:

  • Security Policy and Procedure Development
  • Employee Briefings and De-Briefings
  • DSS Audit Preparation and Assistance
  • Facility Clearance Requirement Consultation
  • JPAS, E-Quip and FSO Certification Maintenance
  • Personnel Security Clearance Processing Assistance

Trade Compliance Services

Import & Export Compliance
Business today is international. For companies to expand and do business with foreign entities, it is critical to know the dos and don’ts of importing and exporting. Foreign trade laws impact businesses whether selling widgets, technology, or defense articles. Often a business is a subcontractor, but contractual language requires compliance. Even a business providing services to the government may have compliance requirements. Whatever the circumstance, establishing a strong trade compliance program is a must to grow your business. Compass provides:

  • Assessments of current import/export activities and reporting on improvement activities
  • Trade Compliance Program Development
  • Trade Compliance Policy and Procedure Development
  • Trade Compliance Audits
  • Trade Compliance Training
  • Registration Assistance
  • Freight Forwarder Coordination
  • Voluntary Compliance Remediation Assistance

HTS Classification
HTS classification is a critical piece of the import process that sets the duty rate applied to imported articles. It is complex and requires careful attention to the many different rules and requirements.  Duty rates can vary from duty free to over 30%.  The failure to properly classify imported merchandise can lead to penalties and even criminal charges in some cases.  As an importer of record, YOU are responsible for ensuring the correct classification and duty rate.

Compass has the knowledge and expertise to assist your organization with HTS classification in order to minimize the financial risk of penalties levied for incorrect declaration.

Mergers and Acquisition Services

For organizations contemplating growth through mergers, acquisitions, or strategic partnerships, a comprehensive due diligence review is critical to the decision making and negotiation process. We offer independent reviews that are a great complement to your internal team. Reports outline both purchase agreement and business integration considerations.

Successful mergers and acquisitions are realized only after integration has been completed.  Strategic decisions must be made with minimal disruption to current and new employees.  Compass provides integration planning and execution that flow directly from diligence to post-acquisition activities.

Prior to engaging a full diligence review, Compass can construct valuation models to help with negotiation decision making.  During diligence, these valuation models are updated based on findings and tested for accuracy.

Due Diligence
Diligence reviews are scalable and can include the following areas:


  • Financial statement accounts are reviewed and tested
  • Revenue Projections –projections are completed based on current contracts and potential future sales
  • Internal Controls – financial control structures are mapped and improvements identified


  • Technology Assessment – systems are reviewed for compatibility
  • System Controls – general IT controls are documented and areas of improvement identified

Human Resources

  • Practices – a high level evaluation is performed of standard HR practices to identify any purchase agreement terms, develop a smooth transition plan, and help determine cultural barriers
  • Benefit Programs – benefit programs are reviewed for compliance with laws and regulations. In addition, a comparison to the acquiring companies programs is performed and a cost analysis completed
  • Employee Surveys – information related to employee satisfaction surveys are reviewed if available. If not, a brief survey is developed and sent to a sample of employees


  • Contract Review – customer, vendor, employee, and other contractors are reviewed to identify potential liabilities, transitional requirements, notifications, regulatory issues, etc
  • Insurance – insurance policies are analyzed; information is presented to the client


  • Customer Surveys – surveys are sent to a sample of customers to assess accuracy of billings, customer satisfaction, and areas of improvement

Industry Specific/General

  • Compass tailors the due diligence program to include areas specific to the potential target such as the addition of marketing analysis, OHSA or environment assessments, inventory evaluations, export compliance, or other critical areas.

We partner with your organization to seamlessly integrate the organizations together across all areas.


Administrative Services

Administrative services are essential to business flow and office management. Attention to detail is paramount.  The Compass team has over 10 years’ experience planning, directing, and coordinating supportive services of multiple organizations in many different industries.  Let us help keep you prepared and organized while you focus on meeting your goals.

Office Management

  • Budget preparation, monitoring, and variance reconciliation
  • Develop, manage and monitor records
  • Project management
  • Vendor contract negotiation
  • Office equipment and supply ordering and maintenance

Executive Support

  • Clerical support
  • Schedule management
  • Budget/expense management
  • Travel planning

Meeting/Event Planning

  • Meeting and event planning from conception to completion
  • Marketing and Communications – Design and production of meeting and training material
  • Meeting theme development and artwork selection
  • Budgeting and Resource Management including post-event account reconciliation
  • post-event account reconciliation

Compass can provide customized, independent assessments for your organization. We build relationships with your internal team, executives and decision makers to provide quality, cost effective, and value driven results.

Special Project consulting

Sometimes there are projects that do not fall into a standard category.  Sometimes, there are projects that require multiple areas of expertise.  When you need to focus on the day-to-day operations and maybe do not have the expertise to complete a project, Compass can help.  We have experience in all levels of corporate and small business and many different industries.  A few examples of the different special projects we have been successful with in the past include:

  • Newco Setup (LLC’s, Inc., etc.)
  • Shared Services Planning and Execution
  • Operating Agreement Development
  • SBA 8(a) applications
  • Mentor – Protégé Relationships
  • Accounting system implementation
  • Governing Body Presentations

Detailed project plans including time estimates and consistent communication are keys to our project management philosophy.  We build relationships with your internal process owners, executives and decision makers to provide quality, cost effective, and value driven results.

Contact Us

Sharon and her team of dynamic, competent professionals let me sleep at night. I know they have thought of everything and are watching out for our best interests. Their attention to detail and incredible customer service make us feel like we have a whole finance department at our disposal.  They helped us navigate getting 501(c)3 nonprofit status from the IRS, manage our first federal grant and conduct our first audit and were organized, calm and responsive during  the entire process.

Mindy Galoob

Director of Operations, Tulsa Campaign to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

We can’t express loud enough or cheer loud enough for Compass!  The document that was created for Baker Recovery is invaluable, it hits the mark in every area of our business.  It has helped us navigate through the process of responding to our clients.  Our clients love the fact that we adhere to the business standards in the market.  Compass is one of the best things we did for our business.  We are glad they are on our team and always ready to make changes when needed.

Torie Baker

Baker Recovery

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