With the devastation in many Oklahoma towns over the past month, it gives businesses a reality check and an opportunity to re-evaluate their business continuity plans.  The SBA reports that 40% of businesses impacted by a disaster never recover.  Businesses can help protect themselves from that risk with a little planning.  Crisis management experts offer 10 tips on preparing for a crisis:

1.  Make crisis planning a priority

2.  Identify high risk scenarios

3.  Assemble a crisis management team in your company

4.  Identify a media spokesperson

5.  Develop a crisis response plan

6. Test the crisis response plan

7.  Keep the plan current and accessible

8.  Train staff on when to initiate the plan

9.  Commit to a code of conduct

10.  Know when the crisis has ended and you can refocus on day to day business

Over the next few weeks we will be discussing business continuity planning and giving you some tools to help you prepare.